Handheld Nutrunner: ESTIC Robot System


  • Simple Settings

  • Equipped with a direct teaching function that moves the robot directly and records the tightening points.
    Automatic screw tightening can be achieved using simple settings.

  • Improves Productivity

  • Equipped with a vision position correction function which uses a camera, it is able to find and correct small deviations in tightening position.

  • Production Guarantee

  • Tightens screws and bolts with the appropriate thrust using the Z-axis thrust control function.
    Prevents work overload and come-out.

  • Reduces Cycle Time

  • Reduces communication time by using the robot with dedicated commands.

  • Management Batch Setting

  • The robot operation including the screw/bolt receiving operation is set together from the nutrunner side.
    Detailed settings can be made by selecting items from "tightening / moving / returning to original position / skipping".

* Please refer to here for details.
Download catalog (1.25MB)